About Us

We help apparel brands with brand-building, business strategy, sustainability implementation, design & product development, and optimizing the supply chain. We tailor projects to suit your needs.


KrissCo has an extensive international network of experts in various fields in the fashion industry. We bring in the talent and tools needed to create the desired results for your goal.   


Brand & Concept Building
Brand & Product Sustainability Implementation 
Trend + Color Analysis & Forecasting 
Design, Tech Pack & Development 
Material & Trim Sourcing/Development 
Garment Fitting & Construction Engineering
Sample Construction Review
On-Site Product Development 
Product Merchandising & Direction
Travel With The Client For Factory Work
Brand/Concept/Product Presentation & Sell In
Business Operations Optimization
Project Management


We strive to create something unique, impactful, and bold
Authenticity is paramount
It should be fun
Real, long-lasting relationships are the foundation for business growth
Collaborative effort produces the best results
Quality, craftsmanship, durability, and timelessness encompass outstanding products
Continuous education for growth
Honesty is THE way to do great business
The environment needs more friends
Everything can and should be questioned
Hugs make the world a better place

No BS approach

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Kriss advisory

Ana Kristiansson


Kriss Co Leadership Team

Klas Kristiansson


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